Greenland Paddle for Sassafras 12?

Seeking recommendations for Greenland Paddle length for a Sassafras 12. They have always fascinated me. I am 5ft 6. The 12 has a real world beam of 29 1/4 inches. Using the standard length formula I get 80 inches/ 203 cm. Thinking with the higher sides and low seating of the solo canoe over a standard kayak a longer paddle might be necessary.  I have building plans and figure this might be a good time to give it a try.

Also any experience with GL paddles from they seem to hav a nice paddle for the price compared to other higher priced paddles on the market. 

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RE: Greenland Paddle for Sassafras 12?

Build your own. Several good websites give dimensions and directions. Cost me about $6.00 for a cedar deck plank at Bome Depot.   Happy carving.


RE: Greenland Paddle for Sassafras 12?


   Dear Mkcagle,

If you have built a CLC Sassafras, you can easily make a greenland style paddle from a ceder 2x4. I have made a dozen and my nieces and nephews have made them too. They work great in my brother's Sassafras 12. 

Length is a very personal issue. I seem to like the greenland paddles longer than most, but ... My advice is make several, they are very addicting to make and fun to paddle with. Try different length and see what you like. 

mine take ~8-10 hours to make, entirely with hand tools. Oil it with tung or walnut oil and go paddling!


RE: Greenland Paddle for Sassafras 12?

   I drew one out on a scrap of pine 2x4 based on 220 cm. Bit longer than the formula calls for. With the higher canoe sides it looks like it might work. Will check out the local lumber yards for straight grained cedar. We have a yard that caters to custom furniture builders. That might be my best chance. 

RE: Greenland Paddle for Sassafras 12?

As others have said a paddle is a personal thing. You'll need to try a length comfortable to your paddling style.

However, my canoe friends have tried my "stick"  and have stayed with their double bladed canoe paddle. Most are about nine feet long. The blade on a double blade canoe paddle is a bit longer than a European kayak paddle blade and is flat both sides. (no spoon)  

RE: Greenland Paddle for Sassafras 12?

   I am building a Sassafras 14 but will be using an Aiguille seat rather than a seat fixed in the boat.

I too plan on using a GP and have already made one. It is fashioned from 4x2 pine and is 2.4 meters (8ft) long, and finished with tung oil

I like that they have less drag than a conventional spoon oar but also that they are .... different

There's lots on good info on the net about carving one

Happy paddling !

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