Shearwater hull glassing

This weekend I finished glassing the hull of my shearwater 17. I had two issues which did not come up in the documentation and was hoping for guidance.


1. The edges of the layers of glass started loosing threads during the epoxy stage. There are several of these threads along the cured sides. is it possible to sand these down without damaging the glass?

 2. I have two small bubbles along the keel.  I was planning on using a knife to slit a hole then fill, will this be seen on the finished boat?





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RE: Shearwater hull glassing

Mike, yes that happens on the sides. No problem sanding it, you really need to sand it.

No problem cutting out the bubble also. You can fill it or completely cut it out and patch it and wet it out, whatever you like.

I would like to see pics of your Shearwater when finished or even see the build as it progresses.

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