Down to two choices

I am down to two choices.

( I knocked out the Passagemake due to fact in Massachusetts anything that is designed to have a motor needs to be registered and numbers applied to hull)

I live on the  coast in Swampscott MA.( pretty rocky and good wind )

I like the NE Dory because a little Swampscott history.( with Lug sail)

I also like the Skerr with Sprit sail.

I would get either one with sailinging kit.

My main concern is bouyancey, I see Skerry has air tanks built in under seats.

I see the dory is covered in aft ( is this sealed and creates bouyancey?)

Any comments any one can provide pro or con on each choice will help me get this project starteded.

I am biting at the bit to order by this weekend!!






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RE: Down to two choices( Skerry or NE Dory)


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