Peeler Skiff - Outboard (Honda) Conversion for Console Remote Control Operation.

Finshed my peeler last year, and dropped a very nice Honda 15Hp electric start on it. I'm in the process of building the center console kit.  I stopped by the Honda dealer yesterday to order the remote engine controller, and the guy gave me the "well..back in the day...but times have changed..." Speel.

Wondering if any one has done this upgrade recently -from a tiller/electric start to a remote control from a console?  The mechanicals for steering, and shifting don't scare me, but the it's the electrics/harness I'm worried about.

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RE: Peeler Skiff - Outboard (Honda) Conversion for Console Remote Control Operation.

   I am not sure how much this will help, but I did that conversion on a Yamaha 9.9 about 8-9 years ago when I repowered my Nimble Arctic.  I bought a tiller controlled motor and removed the tiller arm which is where the start and kill switches were mounted.  On the Yamaha, wiring for the tiller arm was easily to disconnect because they had male/female plugs.

Steering was not an issue because on sailboats you  lock the motor and steer with the rudder.  The boat had morse style shift/throttle controls and Yamaha sold a kit for to make that connection.  The hardest part of the electrical connections was to figure out what I needed in terms of switches.  On the Yamaha, the starter engages when the circuit is completed, so I used a momentary push type starter button.  The motor is killed when the kill circuit is broken so I used a push/pull switch there.  WM has lots of these type switches in the catalog. 

Here is some more detail for what it is worth: arctic repower.     

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