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just thought I would throw this out there for new builders. After rowing my dory for 2 seasons with top mounted oarlocks and 8' oars, I switched to 8'6" oars with risers. I have found this to be more advantageous for my 6'4" height. I'm still sitting on the daggerboard trunk with 2" cushions but the angle of pull is more into the middle chest and upper abdomen instead of my shoulder. For me it just feels more comfortable. I also think I'm getting a longer pull with the 8'6" oar. I bought a pair of 2nds from S&T in the fall at a discount. 


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RE: Dory oarlock modified

   I'm 6'2" and have been using 8' oars top-mounted to the rails. I think 8' 6" oars would be great in the center station, but maybe too long for the other two rowing stations. I, too, see the value of risers though I haven't yet added them. If I do, I'll be tempted to move the oarlocks a bit aft so that my butt doesn't have to rub up against the daggerboard trunk.

RE: Dory oarlock modified

  Great timing. I'm currently making oars (see the new thread) and was considering the length. I'm about 5'11" and would mainly be using the center station. I was going to go with 8' oars -- but should I go longer?

Dave M. 

RE: Dory oarlock modified


Once I go tandem, I'll let you know what I find. I usually sit in the bow for leg length. My more novice partners are stern.

RE: Dory oarlock modified

   jcardan2, to row in the center station I have removed the foam flotation from beneath the forward side of the rear thwart. (Does that make sense?) It gives me the extra room I need for my long legs, but my toes get twisted to the sides a bit.

Dave, I'd go with 8' for all-purpose oars (all three stations), but it could be that 8' 6" oars are as good or better. With round-hole oarlocks (terminology?) you can easily adjust the "length" of the oars to suit your purposes, In short, I don't think this is a critical decision.

RE: Dory oarlock modified


RE: Dory oarlock modified

   Granted removal of the floatations or thwart would help my cause. But built everything glued  or hard screwed in. I elected not to follow the manual on that aspect much to my disappointment now

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