Thwart shaping

The manual says to "apply chamfers to taste". 

I'm wondering how much shaping y'all did to the thwarts.

Is it recommended to round off all edges top and bottom fore and aft? Thinking of having at it with a 1/4 round router bit.

Also on the rear seat including where the three boards join up? The latter a little rough due to my hand-held jigsaw.

I read in this forum mention of thinning the thwarts from the underside to save weight. The picture on pg 85 of the manual shows this although it's not mentioned.

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RE: Thwart shaping

   A spokeshave or draw knife might be the ticket if you have it, to shape the thwarts. I used my block plane to chamfer and round my spars.  I didn't have a router, and a sharp plane or spokeshave is actually fun to use on good, clear lumber.

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