lots of questions re: refinishing Kaholo

I have a 12' 6" Kaholo that I purchased from a first time kit builder three years ago. It was poorly touched up with paint along the rails, and it needs overall refinishing.

In addition, I'm concerned about a couple of dings on the bow hull.

I'd love support on how/how far to take down the surface, repair (do I need fiberglas?) of the dings, and suggestions for a product for refinishing. I saw an older post about Awlwood -- any other ideas out there?

As I refinish, I'd like to consider adding tie downs or a bungie system to hold a dry bag for longer trips. Are the adhesive products the only way to go with a wooden SUP?

Finally, I'll have to reapply a non-skid surface to the deck. I've looked at the hexagonal applied surface from Northshore, but wonder if others have had success with other products? And does anyone have experience with a railguard adhesive?

Thanks in advance for any input you might have.

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RE: lots of questions re: refinishing Kaholo

���Depends on how deep the dings( if you can see the FG weave or not) there is a strip of about 1/2" from the edge that you can drill down to and screw down a piece of nylon strap(with stainless steel screws and some silicone) then web in your bungie. Railguards would be nice but it's inevitable that you'll slap the edges with the paddle.

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