Strip woods

So I was going to use white cedar and walnut for my new stripped deck, but apparently the white cedar is difficult for me to get conveniently (and cheaply) so now I have to come up with alternatives.

I'm considering WRC instead of the white cedar, or cypress (not sure how light it is in color) or possibly basswood.  

Anyone have any good success with a particular light wood?  My key concernis  weight though workability and price willcome into play as well.  Suggestions for a lighter weight alternative for my dark wood are more than welcome as well.  I like walnut but I'm not tied to it.


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RE: Strip woods

Use White Spruce! Some Box stores carry it. 

RE: Strip woods

Spruce is white and very light weight, but finding it useable without knots is sometimes very hard.  Cypress is a little bit tanner, more like cedar, but unless you live around a cypress sawmill, can be expensive.

You may want to go ahead and think about red cedar, a lot of it is lighter in color and hard to tell from the white.  And if you ask for the lighter color when you order it, it makes the shipper happy, because most people want the dark red.


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