Peel-ply for houseboat project

I'm building a mini-houseboat, and the hull will be almost all flat surfaces. Even where the bow curves up slightly, the first four feet will be a gentle, simple curve with no complex bends. When finished, ths boat will be 20 feet long with a beam of nearly eight feet. That's a lot of area to cover with fiberglass, and I'd like to avoid all that filling the weave, sanding, repeat. I've never used peel-ply before, but it seems to me it would be ideal in this situation. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.


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RE: Peel-ply for houseboat project

That sounds like an ideal application for peel-ply.  My only concern with peel-ply when I've used it is that it adds considerable cost to the project.  It also leaves a textured surface that usually needs to be addressed, so you might want to weigh the cost vs. labor savings with that in mind. 

RE: Peel-ply for houseboat project

   Thanks, CaptainSkully. Uh, just HOW textured? Enough so that I will be right back into sanding and filling agin? Or just a light sanding and then painting? Or will the texture be slight enough that it will make the perfect base for paint?



RE: Peel-ply for houseboat project

It's what seeped through the pores in the peel-ply and was then broken off when the peel-ply was removed. It has a texture like non-flexible sandpaper (and will sand your hands for you, too).

The texture works fine for adding another layer of cloth, but is not one you want to paint or varnish, so at least a light sanding is in order.

FWIW, if it was my project, I'd skip the peel-ply, fill the weave with an epoxy/phenolic microballoon mix, fair the hull with the same mix and a fairing board and paint it.

Microballoon mix is thick enough to fill the weave in one or two coats and sands very easily. It's lighter and cheaper than filling with epoxy. You just can't use it under varnish.



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