Peeler Modification

I am thinking ahead to next winter when I will likely bring my Peeler into the basement for some refinishing and potential modifications.  In my opinion the boat while ideal in most respects does not have enough lateral stability.  I am contemplating removing the small runners and replacing them with something a little taller., maybe 2 - 3 inches.  My thought is to emply a pair of sacrificial skegs that would live on the water side of the bottom layer of glass and be easily replaced - UHMWPE or white oak.  

Does anyone else believe that we need a little more lateral stability?  Has anyone adressed this? How?

John H.  - what is your opnion?

For reference, my Peeler lives in the water 8 months of the year and our shores are primarily gravel and shells.



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RE: Peeler Modification


I've not had any issues with lateral stability on my Peeler (build in 2014), but she only has a 9 HP Yamaha. My boat lives on her trailer, so I would probably find deeper runners a nuisance. Most of the beaches I use are shells and gravel as well and the sacrificial runners would be a definite benefit there. Under your circumstances, I'd go for it.



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