Issue with fiberglass coat

So I just applied the fiberglass and firstcoat of epoxy on a shearwater sport.  On the stern where the fiberglass wrapps around it has seperated from the hall.  Should I just trim off the thin strip then feather the edges and lay down a strip of fiberglass tape and epoy that in place? How critical is the fiberglass itself right there? could I go ahead and trim it off its just as wide as the point of the bow and finish the boat then add a strip of Dynel later? Im hoping to varnish it as much as possible plan to add paint or other methods to cover defects as need be.



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RE: Issue with fiberglass coat


Any glass seperated from the hull is worthless and should be redone. You can do any of your suggestions - they are all valid. Also see

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RE: Issue with fiberglass coat

 Alan, I just got to that step myself, today, on my Mill Creek 16.5.  I did a lot of surfing/reading, and discovered that most folks don't try to wrap the glass around the bow and stern,  Just trim it flush at the ends and reinforce the ends with tape.  Following a tip from this site, I cut my end tapes on the bias and they made the curves without the need to cut darts.  Good luck.  Bill

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