I started my petrel back in November,got it all stripped and got as far as glassing the bottom.The weather got cold and I have not been able to work on it since December. Do I need to sand the bottom glass before I can put on additional coats, or can I just put more epoxy on without any prep?

Are there any other Long Island builders around? I am trying to work a deal with a local Mom and Pop lumber yard to supply cedar for my next build at a reasonable price.


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RE: petrel

Sorry, but you'll at least need to scrub off the amine "blush" before additional glassing. Otherwise, you're asking for delamination between the layers. A Scotchbrite pad with some degree of aggresiveness will be best. Keep in mind that you'll be re-epoxying regardless, so if you daylight a few strands of glass, it'll still be covered with the next coat. Not as hard as it sounds, honest.



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