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Is that a NanoShop kit I see?

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RE: Shop Cam

You're seeing setup for next week's build-your-own Tenderly Dinghy class. 

That will, of course, be transmitting live on the ShopCam all week.

Tenderly Dinghy

A time-lapse video of July's Tenderly Dinghy class is here.

RE: Shop Cam

Thanks!  That's so cool.  Love watching the builds and love the Tenderly.

RE: Shop Cam

   P.S.  See you in Port Townsend!

RE: Shop Cam

Hope it's okay to recyle an existing thread...

Is that a Peapod I see?  If that's the case, I'm almost afraid to see plans become available.  I'm not even finished with my PMD yet.  Port Townsend is just around the corner!  I was super-jazzed to see John teaching the Peapod class a while ago and have been hoping that's a good sign for near-future availability.

This in no way takes away my love for the Tenderly XP or the NanoShip 3.0.  Just sayin'...

RE: Shop Cam

Ha!  I found the answer to my own question.  YES, according to CLC's Instagram account, that is a Peapod, .  SO COOL!  Can't wait.

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