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I would like to share some features I would love to see added to the Forums in the hope that others can show support, or register that they don't see a need, or even add your own ideas, and CLC might consider adding these thoughts to future plans:

1. The forums are awesome! I would like to be able to quickly get back to favorite posts. This feature could appear like a favorite flag or a save feature.

2. It would be really helpful to be able to follow particular posts and get notices when there is activity. This could be the default on your own personal posts.

3. It would be great to be able to acknowledge commenters. This could be via a thank-you or thumbs up flag on the comment, or via a reply feature.

4. In fact, reply to comment by itself would be very helpful. It doesn't appear available on my interface and is something nearly all forums seem to provide (in my rather small experience).

The forums are great and I want to say thanks to CLC for them!

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RE: New Forum Features


1. I just use my browser's bookmark feature, the forum's native search feature or Google's ability to search the forum to accomplish this now; no need to wait for a feature to show up.

3. This one's a slippery slope, in my opinion. While it's good to acknowledge helpful people, on some fora I've seen otherwise nice people turn into star hunters which distorts the natural flow.

4. Is this like starting a sub-thread based on a particular posting?

Personally, the Number One Feature I'd like to see is the ability to edit posts that I've made. Especially in the age of mobile platforms with their crappy "keyboards" and auto-completers, it'd be really nice to be able to delete my own double posts and fix spelling errors.

Number Two, based on other folks' difficulties with the current process, is a simplified image posting method. Unfortunately, this would require CLC to host the images, which would cost CLC money and eventually end up in our kit prices.

Finally, a time-out pop-up to warn you that you've taken too long composing your message and that you are about to be logged out. It would be nice to be able to reset the timeout so that one's message doesn't end up anonymous.



RE: New Forum Features

I'm with Laszlo on his NOF suggestion!

'Course it'd take a more contemporary software product to enable, which likely would add overhead expense. No idea if what's being used now is made available by whatever's functioning as this website's hosting platform or if (gasp!) it's being hosted from a 'puter inside the CLC operation, but everything has a price of ownership....

I usually draft my posts in a text app first, then copy/paste here. Couple time-outs got me to work that out.

Posting attachments probably best done via the myriad options for file sharing out there. Images / movies will vastly overwhelm server storage space in short order.

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