Laminating --To seal or not to seal

With apologies to the Bard of Avon, to seal or not to seal, that is the question. I'm laminating a 93 x 29-inch transom from three thickness of half-inch ply, using thickened epoxy. Is it better: (1) To first seal the surfaces to be glued with unthickened epoxy and let it cure befor gluing and clamping the plywood, or (2) to apply a saturation coat of unthickened epoxy to the surfaces and glue with thickened epoxy before the saturation coat begins to cure (possibly encouraging a mechanical bond with all the fibers of the untreated wood), or (3) just use the thickened epoxy without worrying about sesaling or saturation? I'd appreciate any advice from the resident wizards, and thanks!


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RE: Laminating --To seal or not to seal

When I've done stuff like that I painted both surfaces with unthickened epoxy, immediately mixed up the thickened epoxy, applied the thickened stuff with a serrated putty knife to one surface and then clamped the pieces together.

Always worked for me.



RE: Laminating --To seal or not to seal

 Thanks, Laszlo. I had the feeling I could count on you to jump in. I also had the feeling that's what you would advise! Jim  

RE: Laminating --To seal or not to seal

Laszlo's method is exactly the way I do it too.

I probably got it from Laszlo way back when, mind.  :)


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