Varnish Drips

This is my first time varnishing anythying, so why not start with a kayak?  I've varnished the hull and did my best to follow instructions, but have some drips that went onto the deck, when the boat was hull side up.  Can/Should I sand out those drips or do I just leave them? Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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RE: Varnish Drips

   Some varnish drips are fairly typical it seems. !st try scraping them with a carbide scraper or simular. Then you may need to also sand until it is smooth. Scraping is easier the earlier it is done, but I would wait to sand until you have put all of your coats on the hull becuase you are bound to get more drips.

I also put some tape at the edge between the hull and deck to minimize drips running from one to the other.


RE: Varnish Drips

   I often use a new single edge razor blade to trim away drips and goobers once they have set up.  This works better on a convex surface than a concave one.  The varnish deeper inside the drip may still be sticky and need to dry some more before you can sand it.  If you are adding more coats there may be no need to sand if you can do a nice job with a blade.  As noted by Ralph, masking tape and paper is great stuff to protect parts of the boat you want to keep from getting dripped on.

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