Millcreek 15 FOR SALE

I inherited a Millcreek 15 from my Dad.  He built it and had put on the 1st, if not 2nd layer of glass before he passed.  I don't have the tools nor the time and nobody else in my family wishes to finish it.  I am sure that it would be a great project for someboy who loves boats as my dad did.  

I have pictures, plans, parts and pieces.  Send me a message and lets see if we can work something out.


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RE: Millcreek 15 FOR SALE

   Where is/are the boat/parts?


RE: Millcreek 15 FOR SALE

  Hi I am sorry your Dad did not get to use his boat,  I am interested in this boat if it is still available and whithin  a couple hundred miles of Boston.   Thanks Daniel



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