rope and rigging sails

I'm rigging the sail for my Eastport Pram and noticing that the 1/8 inch (3mm) line provided for lashing the sail to the boom and yard is too big to fit more than once through the holes drilled into the ends of the boom and yard.  In the manual they have a noticably lighter line runing three times through each end lashing.  Is this important?  Can I get away with a single pass through, tied off with a simple reef knot?

Also the manual shows individual pieces of line cut to lash each hole along the foot and head of the sail, but then I see advice like this:

Anybody have anything to say about how this ought to be done and/or how your approach works under sail?


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RE: rope and rigging sails

As far as the boom or yard lashings go:

CLC way - one knot fails or one line breaks and you continue sailing with very little effect.

Storer's way - one knot fails or one line breaks and the sail departs the yard or boom, the yard or boom makes wild wind-driven excursions all over the boat.

Of course for either rig this is an unlikely worst-case situation, but the redundancy in the CLC version offers protection that lacing doesn't.



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