kayak maker label

I'm planning on adding a label inside the kayak with info like type of kayak and designer credit, length, build location and year, my name, etc...

I assume others have done this, are there any examples floating around. I've been searching for photos but haven't found anythin.

Also where on the kayak would you put it, I'm thinking about on the bulkhead behind the seat.


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RE: kayak maker label

If you search the forum for "rice paper" you'll find a number of threads discussing this topic.

In brief- you print your label on rice paper which becomes translucent when saturated in epoxy (it's generally placed beneath the fiberglass layer).

Pretty simple, but it's worth reading the threads for tips and gotchas.

Key- there's quite a bit of variation among products labeled "rice paper." Different thicknesses, textures, and so on wet out differently. 

Good luck!


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