I'm thinking about adding elevated floorboards to a NE Dory, reasoning that since you sit on the floor to sail the vessel they might help keep my butt out of any water that sprays over the bow/rails. I'd have one or two in each section removable to be able to get at any bilge water.

Any suggestions on wood species? I'm thinking  3/8" or 1/2" cedar elevated 1/4"-1/2" off the bottom (with limber holes in the supports of course). I may also add cedar accents to the thwarts and perhaps a trim of cedar along the inwhale so the floorboards don't look too much in contrast with the mahogany/cypress/okoume (I am not adding spacers, so the trim would have to avoid or accomadate oarlocks). I'm guess all told this would be about 10-20 lbs, epoxied and varnished. I'm not too concerned with weight.

Also, would you fiberglass the tops of the floorboards for abrassion resistance, as you would the floor itself?

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RE: floorboards?

   Also, does anyone know if the cedar sold by CLC is kiln-dried or air-dried? I'm guessing the former...

RE: floorboards?

I like Cypress, unfinished. Super rot resistant, lightweight, great patina after a year or two, 0 revarnishing maintenance.

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