Jimmy skiff forward bulkhead issues

Two questions

How do I position the forward bulkhead so that the mast is vertical? Is there an angle from the boat bottom I can use or can I position the boat so that it has the same attitude as it would when floating so I can use a level?

And as you can see from the pic below the forward bulkhead doesnt fit at its station.  What I think would work is to install the bulkhead before reinforcing the fillets with fiberglass, glassing the outside of the hull and adding the rubrails so that I can close the gap up. The manual has bulkheads after stiffening the hull but when I did the Eastport pram at a CLC class we did it the way I am suggestingsuggesting

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RE: Jimmy skiff forward bulkhead issues


What pic?



RE: Jimmy skiff forward bulkhead issues

   Hi Bob, I am in the final stages of the Jimmy Skiff kit-build and I had this exact same problem. The bottom of the boat is curved, and you aren't sure what the 'level' position of the boat is, as we can't put the boat in water before its done.  Please note, all references to left and right are from the perspective of standing behind the boat looking towards to bow.


I think I used a small laser-level that is used for shining  a straight line on the wall.  It also had a level-bubble in it to aid it making sure the laser being projected is level.  I put this on the left gunwale exactly at the point where the bulkhead is supposed to be attached and by carefully adjusting the laser level to be exactly level (by the bubble), shined the laser on the opposite side (right side) of the boat, and had my Dad mark the laser line with pencil when it was exactly straight up and down.   Having a straight up and down line now, I used that as a guide for the 'tilt' of the bulkhead.


Even with this however, the bulkhead did not fit properly and I could only get it to fit reasonably well on the right side,  with a gap of close to an inch on the left top side of the bulkhead, which I filled with no small amount of wood flour epxy.  In other words, dont panic if the bulkhead didnt fit correctly for you - mine was quite a bit off and it doesn't appear to have negatively affected the boat shape.

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