Oxford Shell / Awlgrip Awlwood

Good morning all!  Currently building the Oxford shell, getting ready to glass the bottom.  Two questions...first anyone have an idea how much epoxy I should mix to wet the glass?  I was going to start with 16oz.

Also - anyone have experience with using Awlgrip Awlwood finish over epoxy instead of varnish?  Mfg says it can be used on epoxy with usual warnings about blush, and seems like it might be more durable.

thanks! Mike

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RE: Oxford Shell / Awlgrip Awlwood

   Easy steps to guesstimate how much epoxy you'll need.

As you know fiberglass cloth has a weight rating.  6oz, 4oz, etc....  That stands for how much resin it will take to wet our one full yard of cloth.  So one yard of 6oz cloth will take 6 oz of resin which in theory gives you a 50/50 resin to cloth ratio.

The method I use is a little easier due to not always using an equal number of yards.  If you have a digital scale, weigh you cloth.  Whatever the weight is in ounces or grams, use that much epoxy PLUS a little extra for waste.

Can't help with the second part but if your boat doesn't sit in the water all day everyday than Id use something like bright side as an alternative.

RE: Oxford Shell / Awlgrip Awlwood

 Thanks!  Thats a great rule of thumb will give it a try this weekend.

RE: Oxford Shell / Awlgrip Awlwood

(I built one last summer) 16oz sounds like a good estimate.   Be sure to do it with a partner.


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