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I have been recording my Chester Yawl build to Facebook so friends and family can follow my progress. About halfway through Facebook added the ability to follow tags and so I began to add tags to my posts. While my posts are consistently titled "CLC Chester Yawl:", I also add two tags at the end, "#chesapeakelightcraft" and "#clcchesteryawl". You can search for these and follow them if inclined, or do the same on your own posts.

While there is no need to friend me to see these posts, if you do send a friend request, reach out with a message at the same time telling me you saw me at the CLC Forum, or whatever. I don't accept unrecognized requests. But seriously, if you want to follow the project, just follow the tag!


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RE: Facebook Tags

I opted for the "Follow" option (if that's not redundant).  Keep up the great work!  You're inspiring untold people.  I just recently launched my Passagemaker build on social media (Twitter:  @Midnight_Maker1).

RE: Facebook Tags

   During the time I accessed Facebook on my AOL desktop, I could not receive the Facebook tags which were solved by AOL support. Thus the tags started appearing and the problem was resolved.

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