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While doing some research on installing scuppered inwales on my PMD, I stumbled across a very nice boat kit offered by Fyne Boats in the UK.  My understanding is that they're CLC's UK partner, providing awesomeness across the pond.

The FyneFour boat is very attractive to me for a few reasons.  First, it's a clinker-built, pointy boat much like the Tenderly, it's almost 14' long, so much more payload than the Tenderly, it's got buoyancy tank seats like Tenderly's club version and it's got a bowsprit for that extra dash of salt.

It's only available in the UK as a kit, so no plans.  I'm wondering if we (I) might be able to get a set of plans in some kind of format for experienced builders along with a manual here in the US.

BTW, their forum is a very good read.  For example, I just read a member was bragging that building his boat from plans only cost £87 more than the kit.  Interesting... 

FyneFour page here.

Fyne Boats forum here.

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RE: FyneFour Plans

Oh, and it's got a centerboard instead of a daggerboard, which is an interesting complication to the build and a nice feature for beaching.

RE: FyneFour Plans

Fyne says  "The boat is adapted from the Stornoway 12 design by Selway Fisher."

Selway Fisher says "STORNOWAY 12 (SAIL) FULL PLANS COST $95"

The rest is left as an exercise for the reader :-)



RE: FyneFour Plans

They are nice guys at Fyne Boats, I've had quite a bit of dealing with them over the last few years. In fact I was in their shop a few weeks ago picking up the plans for a WoodDuck 14 (saved me a fair ol' chunk of my pension in shipping fees!) which will be the middle bit for the CLC sailrig that I'm also working on. 


RE: FyneFour Plans

Thanks Laszlo!  I saw that mentioned but I didn't think to search for that separately.  I really like the fact that they come in several sizes.  Unfortunately, none of the Stornoway plans have the CLC touch.  There are no classic arch doublers on the transom and they don't have the seats/buoyancy tanks.  I guess I could always come up with those on my own.

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