MeetUp in Port Townsend?

Hey folks,

I'm securing my airbnb spot and working on my passagemaker already for the Wooden Boat Festival in September.  Based on some comments on another thread, I thought I'd see if there was any interest in getting together in or around the festival Saturday afternoon/evening.

In the past, I've just driven home after the festival and I've camped just north of there.  This time, it looks like we'll be spending the night in PT and maybe going back in on Sunday morning.

We could meet at the CLC booth, in a restaurant on site, in the beer garden (no kids allowed), or even somewhere in PT.  Let me know your thoughts.

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RE: MeetUp in Port Townsend?

   Hello Captain. I would love to get together. Due to my work I won't be able to lock in my plans until mid April. I'm hoping I will be able to find RV accommodations in the area then. I'm not a bar person, bit of a troubled past when it comes to them. But I would be happy to meet at the CLC booth or a restaurant or park.

RE: MeetUp in Port Townsend?

Hey Mike,

I would book ASAP.  The spots go fast.  I've got a few other people coming from another forum, so it should be pretty cool.

RE: MeetUp in Port Townsend?

   I'm sure they do go fast. I just can't make a complete commitment this early. My job is a little bit odd when it comes to taking time off. I kind of assumed I would have to find an RV spot a town or two over. As long as it's within 45 minutes of PT we will be ok.

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