Epoxy vs. Titebond III

I'm at the point where I can laminate some 6mm parts to make a 12mm part and the same for 9mm/18mm parts.  I had great luck with using Titebond II (water-resistant) on my EP, so I'm seriously considering using Titebond III (water-proof) glue to do the laminations for my PM.  Since it basically reproduces the glue thats already in the 5-ply plywood, I'm thinking it would be acceptable.  Any thoughts?

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RE: Epoxy vs. Titebond III


About 9 years ago I helped build two cedar strip canoes, we used epoxy on the glass and Tightbond III for all glueing and have experienced no problems. You project would involve larger surface areas than we worked with. I would recommend asking the same question at this link, they have email and phone numbers,




RE: Epoxy vs. Titebond III

The glue between plywood layers is usually a resorcinol type glue, applied with a lot of heat and pressure. That's pretty different from Titebond III.

That said, as long as you have a tight joint, TB3 should work out well. I used it to make the drop keel on my schooner, which lives underwater while the boat is sailing and is filled with 100 lbs of lead.  So far, so good (5 years and counting).


RE: Epoxy vs. Titebond III

I think either way is fine and T III is easy. Both bonds are stronger than wood.
As an academic exercise - PVA glue like T III needs a good bit of even pressure, a thin layer of glue and smooth surfaces to make a good bond. It doesn’t have good gap filling properties. If you have wide panels to surface glue you’d probably want to use cauls to get good pressure across the panel. If parts are narrow it’s relatively easy to get good even clamping pressure.
Thickened epoxy doesn’t need high clamping pressure, a bucket of sand or water will do. In fact too much pressure starves the joint of epoxy. Epoxy has good gap filling properties.
FWIW, we used T III on a stripper and have had some discoloration at the glue lines.
Either way the parts will be encapsulated so pick your path. 


RE: Epoxy vs. Titebond III

Thanks for the great info guys (as usual)!  It definitely gives me something to think about.

RE: Epoxy vs. Titebond III

   FWIW, I once asked a woodworker friend what glue to use on a cutting board where there is no gaps in the pieces. He said T III.

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