Hatch cover grain direction

Due to varnish vapors I think I lost my thought concentration.  Twice I made a hatch cover for the aft and it pops from the frame pieces.  Returning to a more flat piece.  Both times the grain is perpendicular to the yak grain.  Does wood become more difficult to bend with the grain or across the grain?


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RE: Hatch cover grain direction

I had the same problem. to overcome this i weighted the center of the hatch with each end sitting on a dowel or blocks of wood to force the center down. I did this when i glued the hatch stiffner to the hatch cover.  it worked

And yes the Varnish vapors can do strange things to your concentration. i worked on the boat an entire Saturday instead of doing "Honey-do's" and i blame Interlux Schooner varnish for my better halfs displeasure.


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