Widest x-section not where plans say

Hmmm. So I spread the kayak's side panels with a stick so the 17lt measured 23.5 inches at 111 inches from the bow. THen I stiched the sides and bottom panels together and . THen I spent considerable time checking the true (?) of the boat to ensure no twists, etc. THen I measured the x-section and it was now 24.5 inches because I must have replaced the stick with a wrong one at some step. And the wrong stick was in the wrong place. Now at 111 inches where the kayak should be 23.5 inches, it is. However the sides of the kayak clearly are wider by 3/4 to 1/2 inch about 6 - 8 inches closer to the bow. I should probably cut most of the wire and re-wire it with the spreader stick in the correct place at the correct legnth. But I wanted to check to see if this was necessary?

Also, when the plans say bulk heads should be x inches back from the bow, are the measurements along the shear clamps or down the middle?

Any help or comments are appreciated.


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