Epoxy amounts

I'm building a 12' 6" Kaholo paddleboard and I'm just about at the stage where I'm going to install the deck board. I've adhered as diligently as possible to the instructions but I am beginning to think that I'm going to run out of the epoxy supply that came with my kit. I think I have about 40% left. Is this common? Should I order some more or is this about right? 

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RE: Epoxy amounts

Worst case scenario, you can always head over to the nearest West Marine and buy some quart sized resin & hardener for about $50.  It may blush more than the MAS stuff you're probably working with, but you'll be able to finish your project without spending another $300 bucks and have to wait for it to ship.  

If you do this, West Systems labels their kits with size A and B.  Make sure you buy the right size hardener to go with the amount of resin you need.  Also, I highly recommend buying the pumps.  For $13, it's a cheap insurance policy.  I always buy Slow hardener unless there's a special case.

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