Sanding / surface prep issues

Doing the final sanding on the hull of my kayak I finished with the random orbital using 220 abranet pads. This was a mistake, it left swirled scratches on the surface and they're deep enough that it takes a lot of hand sanding to get rid of them. 

I'm also getting into the fiberglass on the feathered areas with my sanding.

How much will the swirls show? It's on the hull and I expect to be scratching the surface from use, but I also want it as good as possible (within reason). Would it be best to do another coat of epoxy and resand it? Would another layer of epoxy be better for the exposed fiberglass areas?





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RE: Sanding / surface prep issues

I recommend the idea of putting another skim coat of epoxy on the whole boat, then sanding that with a longboard. It'll be easier and, just as you say, protect the glass from further damage.



RE: Sanding / surface prep issues

That's the advice I was looking for, thanks Laszlo. With the weather turning nice I've really slowed down the last few weeks on it. I really need to make that final push to get it in the water.

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