Wood Duck Double Hatch diagram

Howdy all, I'm trying to cut out pieces from the plans that I bought. (I didn't buy the kit) and I am terribly confused with two of the hatch drawings. A picture will be worth a thousand words and I will try to attach one. What I can't figure out is if this is two pieces or one. Do I cut on all three lines or just most inside and most outside lines?  thanks in advance. I feel pretty dumb here. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10160445363080258&set=gm.1909746185744006&type=3&theater&ifg=1 

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RE: Wood Duck Double Hatch diagram


RE: Wood Duck Double Hatch diagram

It's 2 pieces. The inner oval it attached to the underside of your hatch to double the thickness and stiffen it. The outer oval donut shape will attach under your deck for the hatch to sit on. 

RE: Wood Duck Double Hatch diagram



RE: Wood Duck Double Hatch diagram

Just make sure you cut on the correct side of the lines, it can get confusing with nested pieces. What I do is write the name of the part on the actual piece, then do squiggly lines on the cutout scrap (in this case, the thin donut between the two parts.

RE: Wood Duck Double Hatch diagram

Snowbound,  I do see on the other drawings where there are like 3 rims or pieces all one drawn in another that they do a better job of showing this and I have written the actual piece name on a couple of these. Very good advice though and thank you for your kind help. I still need to write bow and stern on some of the panels, too. I could put it together all back wards and crap, I'm sure!  lol   

RE: Wood Duck Double Hatch diagram

 There are 5 pieces to the WoodDuck hatches. The sill, a spacer both of which are fitted inside the boat;  a rim (the thin oval ring which is attatched to the sill; the hatch cover itself and a doubler which is glued to the underneath of the hatch cover. If I get the opportunity today I'll take a photo for you.  

RE: Wood Duck Double Hatch diagram

Here's pictures from my WD12 build:

Rim, spacer and sill assembled

Rim, spacer and sill being glued

Hatch cover and doubler being glued

Inside of spacer being used as template for hatch opening to get a perfect fit.

Have fun,



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