Northeaster Dory thwarts and rear seat templates HELP......

Good Morning Shipwrights,

I am in the late stages of a Northeaster Dory build. I am sanding thwarts and getting ready for final cuts and have seemed to misplaced or lost my templates to complete this task. So i turn to this CLC community for help. Is there anyone out there with these templates in paper form that would be willing to mail them out. I would be happy to pay above and beyond the price of shipping. I also live in the Tampa bay area and would be happy to come pick them up. If its just as easy to call CLC and puchase i can also go that route. I just want to thank everyone in advance for any comments and help on this dilemma, this forum has been a great resource for me in my Dory build. So thanks again to everyone.

Nick R


Call or text

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RE: Northeaster Dory thwarts and rear seat templates HELP......


Probably best to call CLC, that avoids any legal issues about copyrights and stuff.

In the meantime, when I built my Brand X sailing dinghy it didn't come with full-size templates. Instead, I made my own from corrugated cardboard. I just cut up cardboard boxes to get cardboard panels of the approximate size using the measurements on the plans. Then I put them into the boat and trimmed them with a razor knife until they fit (hint - do your cutting outside the boat and use a Sharpie to mark areas that need removal while fitting in the boat). If you should trim too much, duct tape can fix everything.

If you do make your own templates, keep in mind that you need to allow for the fact that the wooden planks are thicker than the cardboard.

Good luck,



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