Thanks for all the help

It's done, other than the hip and thigh braces and finishing the bungee cords. There are visual flaws, but I'm the only one who really sees them and the next one will be better. I've had a few days on the water now and I'm loving it, it handles great.

I want to thank everyone who posts here for all the advice and ideas. As good as the manual is, it would not be the same without the combined experiences of all the builders here. I think I've spent more hours doing online research, reading builder blogs and watching videos than doing the actual build.


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RE: Thanks for all the help

   Beautiful boat! Congrats! I just want to second the thanks. So much help and useful advice here! Hopefully I’ll be posting a finished picture in a few months too.

RE: Thanks for all the help

   A beautiful boat. I can point out every flaw in mine but I do not. I don't look at them as flaws, they all make the boat mine and I am proud of all of it. I do agree with you, my boat is better because generous individuals on this forum shared their time and expertise. Mike 

RE: Thanks for all the help

   The only flaw that really bothers me are a couple of spots on the deck/sheer chine where I sanded through to the second plywood layer when rounding it. It's a lighter wood than the okoume. It's not noticable when looking staight on, but sitting in the kayak at the the low angle the finish is darker, more orange, and those spots stand out more. 



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