Deck hull edge joint

I did not round my deck edge well enough when I planed.  As I glassed the deck, I ended up with air pockets under the glass at the hull/deck edge.  Cosmetically it won't do.  Most of it is a inch here and there.  Near the bow I have a couple feet where the glass I mostly gouged out for repair.  Is it correct to assume the overlapping glass on the deck onto the side hull is there for structural support?  I am near ready to varnish.  I am about to take my plane and round off the edge proper and lay some glass again.  Just wanted to know for sure that this route is necessary.



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RE: Deck hull edge joint

RE: Deck hull edge joint

I can't tell what you're building, but - does your boat have sheer clamps that you fastened the deck to? If so, then the glass over the hull/deck joint is ultimately optional. The glass there does potect the deck edge from things like your paddle, but is not required.

If you don't have sheer clamps, then likely you had to tape the hull/deck joint on the inside - and the outside is usually required as well.

Good luck!

Dave Gentry

RE: Deck hull edge joint

It is the 17 LT with shear clamps.  That is what I was hoping to hear. 

Many Thanks


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