Oxford Shell

Can anyone let me know where I should go to research how much an OS should cost me if purchasing used but in good (not exceptional) shape?  There is one for sale for $3000 in the Seattle area, Piantedosi rigging and Dreher carbon skulls.  Thanks very much.

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RE: Oxford Shell

You could start here:




RE: Oxford Shell

   Yes, I have, but only two are for sale; $450 and $2500.  I was hoping for a bit more perspective, thanks.

RE: Oxford Shell

���I have an Oxford Shell with Piantadoai row wing and Dreher oars. I have not rowed it, am experiencing joint pain. I could let it go for the price of the rowing unit and the oars. I am in central Texas, you would have to pick it up here. Cheers, Glover.

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