Has any used Cheap PVC Clamps on CLC


Has anyone ever used the subject number 40 1 1/2 PVC clamps I saw on CLC site for Outwales on Eastport pram or other boats?

 If you did, how was it?  If you did, what size cut did you make on the PVC calmp.  1/4 inch?

I have build boats and kayaks in the past.  I down size to a townhouse and sold most of my tools.

Since the prim is my last boat becasue of age and health (80 yrs) I ranther not buy more C clamps.  Presently, I have bought  some tools  and borrow some. if I have to buy C clamps,  I just rmight reduce my trips to Starbucks, lol.





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RE: Has any used Cheap PVC Clamps on CLC

   I did the NE Dory, and I made a bunch of those pvc clamps out of 4" PVC. I cut them about 1.5" wide. They worked okay, but they don't have a ton of clamping force. I ended up using all my c and bar clamps. If you put one around the other of course you get more force, but it's hard to use. I thought of making a special opener for it, but I just borrowed still more normal bar clamps. I think the harbor frieght clamps would be a better choice. I think you can find them for under $3 a pop. I wouldn't get the bar clamps with rubber jaws though. The bar clamps with a screw type thing to tighten are great as are the c-clamps. I'm thinking of buying a box of them for the mast. If I were going to use the pvc I'd doube or triple them up and make a tool. I don't think the 1.5" pipe nominal diameter will be useful as a clamp as you won't be able to open it much. 

RE: Has any used Cheap PVC Clamps on CLC

   THANKS GRIGGS.  I just noticed the grip clamps I have and more from a friend will work with the outwales.  I should have check before I posted.    I just got started week ago on the prim and did not think that far in advace until after I posted to check it out.  Slow at times in preparing.  I will not do the PVD clamps from your response and I find grip clangs will work.  Thaks again.







RE: Has any used Cheap PVC Clamps on CLC

   Nick -

Where are you?  I'm in central Massachusetts, and I've got a whole lot of clamps, both spring clamps and C-clamps, from my Skerry build.  If you're anywhere close, perhaps we could meet up somewhere.  I'd be happy to let you borrow them.


RE: Has any used Cheap PVC Clamps on CLC



   Thanks Hokker,  I am on West Coast across the sound from Seattle.   Between kayaks and boats, this will be my 7th boat.  I  just checked, I have enough grip clamps from a friend that should work for outwales.  Thanks for the offer.



RE: Has any used Cheap PVC Clamps on CLC

   I used 4-inch diameter PVC, cut maybe 2 inch wide on my combing, along with the other clamps I had, spring, c-clamps, etc. They worked fine for me.

RE: Has any used Cheap PVC Clamps on CLC

   PVC clamps worked fine for me on both a Northeaster Dory and a Shearwater Sport Sectional. As Ralph indicates, cut them wider for more clamping pressure. Narrower clamps are easier to attach. You can spread them to more than 4".

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