Decking questions

hello all, i have a few questions about the decking on my dory skiff. The inside of the boat is painted white so i want to break it up a bit with some natural wood grain decking. I purchased some fir 1x4s from a mill and want to preserve the look as they are now. Do i coat them with polyurethane now, then make my cuts or wait until all cuts are made and then poly them all at once? There are 13 boards with a 3/16s inch  gap between boards. Also should i sand the primed surfaces before applying paint to the bottom and sides (inside) of the boat. I have already applied 2 coats of primer and am sanded out! Dang near killed me. Thanks for any input

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RE: Decking questions

You will want to do all of the cutting, routing and sanding to at least 150 before applying the poly finish coats.

If the surface is fair, you may not need to sand the primer.  Some people use high-build primer with the intent on sanding it fair prior to painting.

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