Time limits between epoxy coating


September has arrived and my garage will be getting cold.  I can feel the  pressure to try to finish Eastport pram before October.  

I understand you may put the additional coat of epoxy after about 5 hours if it has dried enough.  I was hoping that I can put  additional coats within 24 hours between coats without sanding.  

Any comments on maximim time between epoxy coats?


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RE: Time limits between epoxy coating

   I've been wating too long myself lately and the new coat has beaded up. Here's from the MAS FAQs:

"Since epoxies from MAS are 100% solid (no solvents), recoat time can be as short as it takes to achieve surface tack. If more than 12 hours passes between coats, do a light scuff sand. Use a cotton ball to test if a light scuff sand is needed. If the epoxy holds the hair of the cotton ball, you can recoat without sanding. If it doesn’t, a light scuff sand will help adhesion between coats. Remember the “Rule of Thumb” test (if you can press your thumbprint in the epoxy, but there’s no tack, then you should do a scuff sand, but will be getting a chemical as well as a mechanical bond.) Remember, warmer conditions make for a faster cure time. Review the chart in FAQ 5 to see an estimated cure schedule for the temperature you’re working at."

RE: Time limits between epoxy coating

System3 Silvertip is good for 3 days before needing sanding (according to the manufacturer).



RE: Time limits between epoxy coating


RE: Time limits between epoxy coating

   Thanks for the advise above.  The weather will be in the 70's Monday and Tuesday this week.  My plans is to epoxy the inside on said days..   I will be glad this when tit all done.  Varnish and paint next.  Building a boat in an unheaded garage in a townhouse from June to September has limited my  RV trips this summer. I needed thie summer heat in the garage like some of you.  The house I sold had 10 by 30  heated shop to build boats.  It was a relaxing winter projects from October to March. I miss that.

Thanks for all the suggestions I have received on this forum.


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