Tenderly Tiller Extension?

I beg your indulgence, but I'm still preparing for my first sail in the Tenderly.  I've been checking out where people tend to sit in that boat while sailing single-handed, inasmuch as I am now of an age that makes manuevering myself around the floor of a boat (where I see most people sitting) a lot more difficult than it was while I was still in my sixties.  I've noticed in the CLC gallery for the Tenderly that a few folks have more comfortably positioned themselves on one side or other on the center seat (photos 40 and 75) while they steer with a tiller extension.  Any tips on where/how to get/install one of those things - - along with any related opinions on whether it's worth it or even advisible to make this adjustment in seating location?


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RE: Tenderly Tiller Extension?

   Shoe I'm glad you're farther along with getting on board your Tenderly and out on the water than I am with my Waterlust canoe... but back to the topic:

Years ago when I'd built a 14' scow there was no such thing as the Internet, so I found what I needed at local boat shops like West Marine.

MUCH easier accessing information these days!

After reading your post today I Googled 'tiller extension' which turned up a few items you might find worth a look. There're even a few videos on how to install and use them, as well as how to make your own.

RE: Tenderly Tiller Extension?

���I am right there with you Shoe, going to use an extension.

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