Leather Oar Collars location from the handle end

I wont be able to launch my Eastport Pram this year and it is almost done.  But I would like to install leather oar collar on flat blade oar.  Of course it would be nice to sit in the boat and test where the oar collar locaton should be from end of the handle.

I am 5' 8" tall.  If possible, I would like to get some idea from some of you the distance from the end handle where you installled leather oar collar?  Or is there a means of determining how much space is a good idea between the oars once they are in the oar locks. Like 16 inches once they are in the oar locks?  Or the handle is determined by my shoulder position?

Any suggestions is appreciated. 



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RE: Leather Oar Collars location from the handle end

Hi Nick,

I too am finishing an ENP which likely won't see water this year but I'm working on oars as you are.  The CLC website has a pdf on installation of the leather collars which includes the following statements on calculating the position:

"Compute the location of the oar leathers using the following formula:

“Distance to middle of collar = Distance between oarlocks on boat, divided by 2, plus 2 inches”

This measurement gives you the distance in inches from the inboard (handle) end of the oar to the middle of the leather collar."

I was just going to follow these directions.

All the best,

Mark Nunlist


RE: Leather Oar Collars location from the handle end

Hey Nick,

Sorry I missed you Friday.  We got bumped for three ferries heading over to Port Townsend from Coupeville so got there late.  Hope you had as much fun as I did.

Back to the topic.  I bought a pair of Oar Deal oarlock covers, so completely different installation (they're also easily moved).  Since I was more interested in going sailing than rowing, I installed them and set them aside in the garage.  However, I did hop into my boat, sit on the thwart with the oars, I held the oars centered and just short of touching on the centerline and make a mark where the oarlocks would hit.

Depending on where you are in the build, I would think you could even just run a string down the centers of the transoms and do the same thing, even if your rubrails aren't done yet.

The plans show where the oarlock risers should go with respect to the corners, so they should be easy to locate.

RE: Leather Oar Collars location from the handle end

   Thanks Mark, CaptainSkully.  I have all winter to take care of the oars but will likely install the leather when the EP is done.  I will look into both suggestions.  I like what Mark stated. 

Yes, sorry we did not connect at Port Townsend., Skully.   I called the event  wooden boat fair, with beer garden. I t was nice.  Talked with CLC people.

 I have built 2 pygmy kayaks, Red fish King, strip kayaks that are  both located in Port Townsend.  Now I have  Also done 2 CLC boats.  Also got a Black Pearl kayak design from Norway.  Black Pearl, 17  ft, 19 inchs wide and 9 inchs deep. Nice to roll. The EP is likely my last. Enjoyed the festival at PT. 


RE: Leather Oar Collars location from the handle end



 Mark,  and to everyone else.  i saw this on the net it i about the oar lenth as i see it and not where the leather is suppose to be.  The article said the hands should bd 1 to 3 inches  

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