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Getting ready to put the FINAL coat of varnish on my PMD.  I need to open a my second quart of varnish.  I go to my box, and there is only primer.  I double check my order sheet and I ordered 2 quarts of varnish, but alas CLC only sent 1.  I am beside myself. I order another quart of same brand I have been using (Interlux Schooner) and wait a week or do I go retail locally and buy somehting.  Any recommendations?  Took the afternoon off work to do this and here I am on my computer instead of the garage.  I should have checked order a month ago, but doggone it.  The F bombs are not solving the problem, so I am turning to you guys.  Thanks.

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RE: Varnish question

wow....that's frustrating.  but it happens to all of us....just finished an epoxy session and realized the step i had planned on tonight, that i didn't have the material to perform hey...thought i would jump on the computer and do some community service....

but back to your question. 

from a technical perspective, there is no problem in waiting in terms of its impact on your final coat.  between coats there should be a light sanding, clean up the dust....and then you do your next coat.  so a week, like i said is going to make no difference on the quality of your next coat.

if you don't want to wait and can find a quart locally, you can go ahead and do that.  CLC will be open tomorrow and i am sure they would happily credit your card back for the mistake (but do check with them). if you are extremely price sensitive, however, i would note that they have some of the best pricing on stuff like varnish i have ever been able to find.

i want to be clear, however, that i would not mix brands of varnish.  so only do that if you can find the same type you have applied.  i'm not saying you can't mix varnishes.....but i think that entails risk that i would not want to deal with.   

a cold one or a favorite movie or some exercise to get over it is also called for.   stuff happens...getting upset is understandable.....but don't work begets mistakes.

best of luck


RE: Varnish question

���Thanks H. I am in Southern California so a trip to CLC is a no go. Frustrating because it is literally my last step before splashing. If a different varnish is a bad idea,. The I will order tomorrow and wait a week. Oh well. And so true...anger helps nothing. Relax and watch the Kings game. I am building a boat in my garage. How can I complain?

RE: Varnish question

It would seem that there would be a local retail establishment that carries Interlux Schooner varnish.  In any event a year from now if you have been using the boat it will need touch up patching.    

RE: Varnish question

West Marine has a store every couple of miles in SoCal, so you can at least get what you need to move forward then deal with returns & CLC later.

RE: Varnish question

Sorry, full disclosure, I work for West Marine, but that doesn't change my reply.

RE: Varnish question

���For quick delivery, go Amazon Prime 3 days $41 Quart Schooner 96

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