Skerry on Trailex trailer question


Greetings! I'm building a Skerry, and I bought the Trailex trailer so I won't always have to schlep it on and off the truck racks.

I'm to the point where I've put the boat on the trailer and I'm trying to position the rollers, etc. I'm wondering where the boat should be positioned fore and aft on the trailer. Should the midpoint fore and aft on the boat be over the axle? A little forward of that? Does anyone have any experience or good advice?


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RE: Skerry on Trailex trailer question

This is not Skerry specific as it applies to all trailers.  You should position the boat so that the trailer tongue weight is 10-15% of the total weight of the trailer.  If you have too little tongue weight, the trailer will sway side to side at highway speeds.  For really light rigs like yours (and mine), even more tongue weight is just fine as long as your tow rig is rated for it.

RE: Skerry on Trailex trailer question

I wound up setting my axle further back than the Trailex assembly instructions for the same reasons, it's a light load and needed to keep load on the hitch.  My axle is about 137 inches from the hitch.  I also set the bow prop a bit farther back because there's a fair bow overhang and didn't want it too close to the corners of the car when making a sharp turn.  It wound up about 28" behind the hitch.



RE: Skerry on Trailex trailer question

   Mummihog, do you have some sort of eyebolt on the stem to snug up the boat when you're trailering? Any advice?

RE: Skerry on Trailex trailer question

   I cartopped my skerry until this last year.  I didn't build mine with any reinforcement for an eyebolt, but I did have a nice stainless cleat I put on the breast hook that I use for anchor rode or painters, and it serves as a tiedown point for a line to the front of the trailer. A line runs through the open base of the cleat, down and through the aluminum tongue skid and back up through a purchase loop or cam cleat.


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