Keepers Footbraces - how to install?

WD 12  no instructions included



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RE: Keepers Footbraces - how to install?

Here's how I did it, but I used the glue-in studs instead of punching holes in a perfectly good watertight hull.

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RE: Keepers Footbraces - how to install?

   I traced the shape on 1" material and cut it to have a "stud".

Then I spread some epoxy paste (I am a fan of using PC Super Epoxy for this kind of "Just throw it there and let it cure")

If you have it without a deck, lightly clamping it the way Laszlo showed should work great.

I had mine decked, so I layed the boat on its side and just put the stud directly on the hull, the repeated on the other side.

RE: Keepers Footbraces - how to install?

The actual installation is the easy part.  I have used both the through hull studs and the "hole-less" Footbrace Mounting Kit that Lazlo shows above.  From a functional standpoint, both are the same.  The studs are easier to install and are lighter.  There is really no worry about leaks as long as you drill/fill/drill and use a dab of silicon when you install.  The hole-less kit looks better because you don't have that ugly scew head on the outside.  As you can see in Lazlo's pictures, drilling the holes or installing the studs prior to installing the deck is far easier than doing it after the deck is on.    

 Deciding where to put the foot braces is the really important part, and I always do this after the hull is done but before deck installation.  Have whoever will be the primary user of the boat sit in the hull at the proper location wearing the paddling shoes that they will wear.  A second person then can position the footbraces both fore/aft and up/down to get the feel that the paddler wants.  The up/down positioning is crucial because it is not easily adjusted after installation.  I prefer to position them so that the pedal falls under the ball of my foot with my heal resting on the deck.  The pict below is from when I was fitting the braces for my wife's Ch16LT.


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