Combing on WD12 / thickness


The plans for my WD12 call for four(4) spacers which are basically identical in a opposite left / right configuration.  I spot hot glued some of my okoume ply (4 layers) together so I only have to make two cuts on my band saw and then I will flip two parts over for the spacers thus giving me two on the right side and two on the left side.  

Even when you add the single piece coaming on top it seems like the total thickness does not match some of the photos I've seem (like those provided by Laszo in a previous post).  Two spacers and the coaming would be 4mills x 3 or 12 mills in thickness, or about .47 inches total.  Is this the correct thickness acording to the plan?

Also, I see the merits to the "build on method" using a plastic sheet, but if time is not an issue, any downside to just doing (gluing) each layer (in place) one at a time? 

Any help will be appreciated

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RE: Combing on WD12 / thickness

That photo of mine is an oblique view with strong shadows of a curved coaming, so I think it may exaggerate the thickness visually. 2 spacers and the coaming are the correct layering, just as the plans show. That is what I have in my photos, too.

The downside to gluing the pieces directly to the hull is that makes sanding the hull and the coaming more difficult since the hull prevents you from gaining easy access to the coaming and vice versa. You end up needing to sand around the coaming by wrapping your finger with sandpaper or some other nuisance arrangement.

It also makes cleaning up glue messes more difficult.

I've done it both ways and can't think of why I'd ever want to go back to doing it like the manual says.




RE: Combing on WD12 / thickness

I too was confused regarding the number of coaming spacers -- so I emailed CLC.  They said the space should be about 3/4 to 1-inch (19-25mm)!  Kits come with 2 sets of spacers cut from 9mm ply.

I am building a WD12 hybrid from plans.  The parts layout shows 3 sets of spacers (6 total) cut from 4mm Okoume. That's only 12mm, or less than 1/2".  So, unless you used thicker ply, you will need more spacers. 

I cut an extra set for a total of 8 pieces (4 layers), for a spacer thickenss of 16mm.  Once stacked and glued, it's pretty close to 3/4".


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