More questions on GIS for MarkN

Mark, thanks for the photos of your rig. If you have time, I have questions.
I’ve spent some time on the GIS pages and am intrigued by the rigging. Also impressed at the efforts of folks to understand and wring every last scrap of performance from a lug sail. Keeping the boom close to the mast seems to be a factor going to weather. The bleater/vanghaul always confused me, your pics finally cleared things up.
If I understand things, the bleater holds boom to mast on the “clean” tack and also keeps the boom from shifting forward under pressure from the vanghaul? That’s a new term to me and from your pics looks like it pulls down (downhall) and forward (vang) to control sail shape and prevent twist? Does the soft shackle have a tendency to slide forward under pressure or is it attached in any way to the boom?  

The mythical GIS Yawl spotted in the wild! For the mizzen, it it just a straight triangle or leg o mutton? How many square feet? I don’t see a boomkin, is it hidden in that view or do you sheet in another way? Is it cut flat or does it have belly sewn in?

I can’t place the forest behind you, Southeast US, I think there’s a cypress in there?

That’s a really nice build Mark, bet she’s a ripper as they say down under! Thanks for the info.

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RE: More questions on GIS for MarkN

SS - Thanks for the compliments.  I am very happy with boat the design and how mine came out.  It is a very quick and lively boat, one that must be actively sailed - kind of an old man's Laser.

I agree that Mik Storer and the GIS/Ozgoose crowd have really upped the bar when it comes to sailing a lug rig.  Everybody sailing a lug should read Mik's web page.

You are correct regarding the bleater, both holds the boom tightly against the mast and keeps the boom from moving forward.  The standard is just a fixed length line but I wanted to be able to easily adjust so I added a cleat at the front of the boom.  The same cleat is also used for reefing.  As a side note, the GIS crowd invented the term bleater, named after the sound that a goat makes.

Vanghaul is another term that I had not heard even though I have been sailing for 45 years.  I think it is a good term because it combines the functions of both the boom vang and downhaul as you describe above.  You can change the down/vang ratio by moving the soft shackle on the boom.  Forward gives more downhaul and aft gives more boom vang.

I had never used soft shackles before but Mik calls for them on the main sheet block, yard/halyard block and vanghaul.  I like them because no holes are required, and they are easy to adjust when not under load.  When under load they do not move.  The real trip for me is to make sure that they are in the correct spot before I tension things up.

The mizzen is 14sf sprit rig that uses a boomkin.  It does have some camber but I made my mizzen downhaul adjustable so I can thin it out when needed.  The lug is identical to the standard GIS but the mast is moved a few inches forward to offset added sail area aft.  The boomkin is easily removed so I can use the boat with a small motor. 

I live just south of Jax Florida and the picture is launch day on the St Johns River.



RE: More questions on GIS for MarkN

Super, thanks Mark. Best looking boat on the river that day for sure!  

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