Sanding Varnish


I am looking at instructions for the Chesapeake series, that differ from instructions on my can of interlux Schooner Varnish. The can says ," Sand between coats with 220-320 grit sandpaper. The instructions from CLC say use 400 grit wet sandpaper.

Any suggestions from experience. I suppose the can is probably not referring to wet sand paper. I thought I also saw something recommending 600 grit wet sandpaper.

Also the Chesapeake manual recommends using generic lacquer thinner to prepare for the first coat of Varnish, and I would guess after sanding between coats of Varnish. The manual for the Shearwater series says use denatured alcohol. Is one product better than the other, or due they produce the same results? 

Since I am having trouble finding any large amount of substitute for denatured achohol in Powell River, I plan to buy a large can of Laquer Thinner, to use on all three Kayak kits I am building, as long as this will be as good as the denatured alcohol.



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