Gluing the Tenderly Stem and Transom

Hi all,

Building a Tenderly 10 from plans, and got things wired together well. I'm looking at completing the glue up of the hull this weekend, and I've got a question about the stem and transom.

Is it feasible to fillet the stem and transom and be able to remove the wires, or do these neccessarily get embedded? I can understand the planks being partially epoxied before removing the wire and then completing the filleting, but with the effort required to bring the stem together in particular, I'm concerned there might not be sufficient strength in the epoxy without the solid fillet or the glass tape.

Or can the wire be pulled out after the epoxy is set? Or does the breasthook hold things well enough on its own that little "tack fillets" are enough?

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RE: Gluing the Tenderly Stem and Transom

I assembled the hull of my Skerry in a class at CLC in Annapolis, and we removed the stitches by heating the wire with a BBQ torch and pulling them out with pliers.  Worked like a charm.


RE: Gluing the Tenderly Stem and Transom

   Alright, I'll give that a shot. Might try using a soldering iron to keep the heat localized.


RE: Gluing the Tenderly Stem and Transom

We used one of those long-necked butane lighters on our Passagemaker Dinghy build.  Wires were removed after getting all the fillets in.  Pulled gently on one end of each wire with pliers while applying heat to the other end.  The wires warmed quickly and the then slid out "like a hot knife through butter."

Dang!  Maybe I am an ambidexterous boatwright after all, even if I am mostly a boatwrong.  Well, okay, being equal inept with either hand maybe ain't quite the same thing as bein' ambidexterous--maybe more like ambimaladroit.  <;-)


RE: Gluing the Tenderly Stem and Transom

Wow. I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.


RE: Gluing the Tenderly Stem and Transom

Years ago we used a lantern battery to heat the wire without a flame. Of course, you have to be able to untwist the wires to make a circuit. Use mini alligator clips to attach the poles of the battery to the ends of the wire.

RE: Gluing the Tenderly Stem and Transom

   I have one of those old style pistol grip high output soldering irons.  I went around with my wire cutters and snipped one side of the wires close to the hole, a dozen or so at a time.  Then went back w/ pliers in one hand and iron in the other (and I'm not ambidextrous!)  putting a little pull on the wire twist and heating the wire near the hole as needed.  Many slip out in just a couple of seconds.  

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