Faering Cruiser in R2AK

In the past, several people told me I should enter my Faering Cruiser in the race to Alaska. My thought was - my mother's crazy son lives in California.

Fortunately, there's a pair of crazy guys in Victoria, BC, Canada who are taking it upon themselves to relieve me of having to cravenly avoid freezing in storm-tossed icy waters. They are Andrew Akehurst and Trevor Bennet, Team Wee Free Men, and they have built a second Faering Cruiser which they've entered in the R2AK.

They have a kickstarter campaign video and a progress report video, in case anyone is interested. They are also planning on more videos to document their achievment, however it turns out. Plus, they are looking for more sponsorship.

One thing that's sort of funny is how they went on about lapstrake in their R2AK page, yet built the boat smooth-hulled. Other differences from the original FC is the sloop rig instead of the balanced lug. They also plan a crew of 2 for the entire trip - one in the cockpit working and the other in the cabin sleeping and alternating watches.

It's a very pretty build and I'd post some pictures, but I don't want to do that without their permission and have yet to get hold of them.

I wish them all the luck in the world,



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RE: Faering Cruiser in R2AK

Found a picture on facebook, so I can link to it here.



RE: Faering Cruiser in R2AK

   WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW!!!!! That is super exciting! I cant wait for the race!!

RE: Faering Cruiser in R2AK

 I am fascinated to the point of obsession over the FC. It is in my top 3 daydream boats. And I have thought for a long time the FC would be my top pick if I ever got the nerve/time/money to make an attempt at the R2AK. I can’t wait to watch the race from the comfort of my couch!!

In my daydreams, I would build a FC. I would change the cabin hatch to a step through companionway. I would also replace the water ballast with solid. Possibly adding batteries and a solar charging setup. If I was going to race it, I too would look very closely at the sloop rig. Its going to be great to see how that performs. It would need a tent structure of some sort, so you could eat a meal out of the weather.  

Oh well, daydreams are fun. Come on Lottery winnings!!!

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