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I own a flat bottom skiff that very much resembles the Peeler Skiff. I have a 1990's Yamaha 25 hp 2-stroke on it. I have woodworking experience and could build the console kit, adapting it to my skiff. Are there reasons why I shouldn't do this or should I buy the plans and build it so the console fits my boat's particular dimensions. I'd install the console on an exisiting, sturdy mahagony seat. Also, can I buy remote steeering and throttle for my 25 hp engine (I need to reference the serial number). If I can't then I'd abandon the project.


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RE: Console Kit

I think I'll build the console to the dimensions of the seat that it will be installed on, without an attached seat forward of the console. Basically, a console is just a box anyway and I can keep the box as open as I want (or remove panels by removing screws) for easy access to systems connections. And I don't mind if I or others can see the cables and wires, etc. It just has to look like I care about its seaworthiness and structural integrity. Now I have to learn if my 1989 25 hp 2-stroke can be fitted for remote throttle and steering.


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