OMG I took a torch to my EP Nesting Pram!

Well, sort of....

So I'm cutting her apart this morning.  I used a 15" Japanese Pull saw that worked very nicely.  Only one little "oops" to fix but that's what epoxy is for.

Well I get her all cut but no separation.  Hmmm.....those 5/16 carriage bolts look like they have some resin on them.  Well, I had to think about this one for awhile. I finally grabbed a piece of aluminum sheet and some tin snips. Drilled ot out a 5/16 hole.  Added a fender washer to the tin and now I have a nice little heat shield.  Out comes the propane torch.  I light it up and turn down the flame as low as I can get it without it going out.  Just a tiny flame. Now let's put that flame on the end of a carriage bolt and count to 30.  Yep, I can just smell a little resin.  Slide a little pry bar between the bulkheads......gently...little more.....ahh.  There it goes.

Onto the the other five and before you know it......

I have two boats!

Well sort of....

Now, where did I put my sander.

Have a great day,

Captain Pearl

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